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Liberty Energy: Donor Spotlight

We are excited to feature Liberty Energy in our newest donor spotlight for Arrupe Jesuit High School! As a steadfast supporter of our Corporate Work Study Program and the recent Lead the Way capital campaign, Liberty Energy's CEO, Chris Wright, and his team, have been instrumental in our journey toward creating a transformative learning environment for our students. Not only have they generously sponsored one of the four new “Honors Classrooms” that will be added through our modest renovation, they've also committed to continue hiring students and alumni, inspiring them to understand the energy sector. Liberty's dedication to empowering the next generation through education exemplifies their commitment to making a lasting impact in our community, and we're deeply grateful for their unwavering support and partnership.

Michael O'Hagan, Chris Wright, Liz Cole

What motivates Liberty's ongoing dedication and investment in Arrupe Jesuit?

"Arrupe Jesuit and Liberty have the same mission, to better lives. Arrupe Jesuit has been doing that for 20 years and I can't think of a bigger way to change lives and communities than what Arrupe does." Chris Wright, CEO Liberty Energy

What drives your decision to integrate Arrupe Jesuit students into your workforce through the Corporate Work Study Program?

"We want to be part of their formation, and we are going to employ some of them as well. We love the connections we make, from the students to the teachers and staff. Just a fantastic organization that we are proud to partner with." Chris Wright, CEO Liberty Energy

Messages of Gratitude

"No school delivers a higher change in life trajectory than Arrupe does." Chris Wright, CEO Liberty Energy

"One of the reasons that Liberty is such an extraordinary partner, their investment in Arrupe as institution is really an investment in our young people and our families. That's a choice, and it doesn't happen accidentally. My gratitude is for that choice and to be invested in our students and in their lives because that's what makes a difference." Michael O'Hagan, Arrupe Jesuit High School



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