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Lead the Way
Goals by the Numbers

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Campaign Goals

Despite the remarkable achievements of our students over the last 20 years, Arrupe Jesuit has reached a moment of reckoning. In late 2018, school leadership and the Board of Trustees embarked on a comprehensive strategic planning process to guide the school’s focus and allow for the fullest expression of the school’s mission. The Lead the Way : Imagining More for Arrupe Jesuit capital campaign supports this vision for the next chapter in Arrupe Jesuit High School's story, a transformation of our physical campus that will promote the further growth of our mission.

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Companion Goal

By reaching the Companion Goal, Arrupe will be able to offer enhanced student programming, and recruit the faculty and staff needed to expand the scope of our work, more fully realizing our mission and attracting more students. Most significantly, reaching the Companion Goal provides more space to alleviate the overcrowding in the current building.


Goal #1: 
Loyola Mission Fund = $1.5 million

  • Add 4-6 Honors and dual enrollment courses. 

  • Expand extracurricular offerings.

  • Enhance the Corporate Work Study Program through additional training and expanded outreach.

  • Provide additional opportunities for faith formation and social-emotional learning. 

  • Add student-centered positions to implement these programmatic improvements.


Goal #2:
Expand the Arrupe Jesuit Campus = $27.9 million

  • Build an addition on the north side of campus that will house a new gymnasium, locker rooms, an expanded fitness center, student support offices, and 12,000 additional square feet for classrooms and student activities areas.

  • Relocate the school’s main entrance to improve school security and enhance the operational efficiency of the school.

Pedro Arrupe, SJ Goal

Fulfilling the Pedro Arrupe Goal completes the vision we have for our new campus, allowing us to better serve the needs of our students, and invests critical dollars in the school’s endowment.

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Goal #1:
Renovate the Existing Arrupe Jesuit Campus  $13.2 million

  • Build out the existing gym to create a two-story mix of classrooms and offices

  • Relocate and expand the teacher workroom

  • Centralize the CWSP and student support offices

  • Expand the cafeteria

  • Reconfigure the building for better space utilization, collaboration and flow

  • Increase our student body by 15%

  • Create 15,500 additional square feet of functional space


Goal #2:
Grow the Arrupe Jesuit Endowment
$4 million

Finally, reaching the Pedro Arrupe, SJ Goal will significantly add to our endowment, ensuring future financial sustainability while also relieving pressure on our annual fundraising efforts with a steady source of income.

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Lead the Way Campaign Goal

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Work Study Partners (up 36%) 

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Students (up 15%)

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