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Donor Spotlight: Jack and Judy Pottle

What aspects of the Arrupe Jesuit mission resonate with you?

“One key element that resonates with us is the Corporate Work Study Program. It’s a huge win for the students, as they get an opportunity to work in a corporate environment for four years. And it's also a win for the school, as it can provide a high-quality Jesuit education to families that otherwise would not be able to afford it. This program allows for the economics to work, and I’ve always admired that about Arrupe Jesuit”. Jack Pottle 

What excites you most about the Lead the Way Capital Campaign?

“One of the things I'm particularly excited about for the campaign is that it will raise the funds to begin offering more advanced placement and dual credit classes.  Just offering more opportunities to Arrupe Jesuit students is a very exciting outcome for the campaign”. Jack Pottle

“As part of this campaign, our goal is to support the students while attracting families who align with and embrace this form of education. Providing for the students is essential in cultivating an environment that attracts the type of learners we seek to engage”. Judy Pottle 

Looking forward, what are your aspirations for Arrupe Jesuit over the next 20 years?

“What is exciting about the Lead the Way Capital Campaign is that it will give Arrupe Jesuit the resources to develop and evolve while meeting the needs of the entire Arrupe Jesuit community. My hope for Arrupe Jesuit for the next 20 years is that it will continue to provide this cutting edge, differentiated, and faith-based education and uphold the commitment to meet the requirements of the community it serves.” Jack Pottle  

“Having an updated physical space is crucial as it enhances various aspects, from fostering community, building gathering spaces, to accommodating technology and science classrooms, and maintaining a welcoming environment. The capital campaign will play a vital role in achieving these necessary enhancements.”  Judy Pottle

Message of gratitude from Michael O’Hagan

“A crucial element of our entire process is to invite others to be part of our work. And I am extremely grateful for all that Jack and Judy have done for us over the years. The greatest compliment that our students offer Arrupe Jesuit is to refer to the school as a family, and I don't ever think that's a compliment that the school can claim for itself.

The relationship with Escuela de Guadalupe, Arrupe Jesuit, Jack, and Judy is a great example of that idea of family and that there is a priority to provide students and families with opportunities they wouldn't otherwise experience.

And then the joy of watching it come together as students flourish, as they grow, as they emerge as leaders over the past 21 years. It's just been a privilege to be part of that process. And I'm so grateful for their support over the years but in particular for their support in the Lead the Way campaign that positions us for generations of future success.” Michael O’Hagan



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