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Expanding Opportunities: The Lead the Way Campaign and the New Arrupe Jesuit Gymnasium

A school gym is not just the center of physical activity and competition, it’s where school spirit is fostered, special occasions are celebrated, and memories are made.

While our educational model might be different than most schools, our students’ still yearn for the quintessential high school experience. Athletics, pep rallies, dances, and other community-building activities are a big part of that experience.

A major component of the Lead the Way Capital Campaign is the addition of a new gymnasium that will DOUBLE the space Arrupe dedicates to extracurriculars, including athletics. See our vision for this space, learn how this addition will enhance the Arrupe Jesuit student experience, and imagine the legacy our students will create in the heart of Arrupe Jesuit's newly expanded campus.

For further details, including how you can be a part of this transformational effort, visit


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