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Faculty Spotlight: Patty Moncada

Patty Moncada's path as an educator at Arrupe Jesuit High School speaks volumes about her unwavering dedication, passion, and commitment to empowering students. Patty grew up in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, and her journey into the education field began at Regis University, where she pursued both her undergraduate and graduate degrees. Immersed in a diverse array of academic pursuits, Patty majored in Studio Art with minors in Anthropology and French, setting the stage for her multifaceted career in education.

Prior to her tenure at Arrupe Jesuit, Patty's journey in education was marked by transformative experiences that shaped her personal growth and professional trajectory. During her time of discernment, her parents served as involved mentors during her time with Denver Public Schools. It was during this time that Patty discovered her love for the classroom, igniting a passion for teaching and inspiring her to pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching with an emphasis on Social Studies.

Upon reflection, Patty fondly recalls her initial encounter with Arrupe Jesuit during her first year as a student at Regis University. Engaging in tutoring activities at Arrupe Jesuit sparked a genuine interest in the school's mission and values, laying the foundation for her eventual transition to the Arrupe Jesuit community.

Patty's experience as a middle school Social Studies and Religion teacher at Annunciation Catholic School served as a crucible for her philosophy and approach to education. Immersed in a Teaching for Transformation environment, Patty cultivated a profound love for teaching about faith and social justice, instilling in her students a commitment to using knowledge for the common good. Patty's role as an 8th-grade homeroom teacher also provided her with the opportunity to mentor students and families through the high school application process, a pivotal experience that solidified her connection with Arrupe Jesuit.

Inspired by her passion for faith, social justice, and empowering first-generation college seekers, Patty found her calling at Arrupe Jesuit High School. In her dual role as a Global Studies II teacher and Community Service Coordinator, Patty seamlessly integrates her diverse passions into her daily work, fostering an environment of academic excellence, compassion, and service. With five years of service at Arrupe Jesuit, Patty's impact on the community has been profound, marked by transformative experiences such as facilitating student travel to Normandy, France, as part of the D-Day Leadership Academy.

Throughout her journey, Patty has been guided by the unwavering support and mentorship of her parents, whose values of hard work, justice, and faith have shaped her approach to education. Embodying the Jesuit principle of Magis, Patty continually strives to light the way for her students, empowering them to embrace education and make a difference in their communities. Patty Moncada's commitment to excellence, compassion, and service embodies the spirit of Arrupe Jesuit High School, enriching the lives of students and the community alike.


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