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Liz Cole Awarded Denver Business Journal 40 Under 40 Award

"Being awarded as one of Denver's 40 Under 40 Leaders has been a humbling and grateful experience. What I am most proud of is that Arrupe Jesuit and the work that goes into running non-profits are being recognized. Our community is so much more than just a school and it brings me joy that the greater Denver area is able to see that!"

Liz Cole, Director of Philanthropy at Arrupe Jesuit High School, has been honored with Denver Business Journal's 40 under 40 Award, recognizing her outstanding contributions to both education and philanthropy. This accolade underscores her significant impact in bridging educational gaps and empowering students with limited economic resources to achieve success in whatever community they find themselves in.

Inspired by her father, a first-generation college graduate, she found her purpose in giving back while also making quality education accessible to EVERY student. Her dedication led her to nonprofit organizations like ACE Scholarships, where she served as Director of Development, and eventually to Arrupe Jesuit, where she serves students and families seeking opportunities despite financial constraints.

Her role is multifaceted, and her achievements include leading fundraising efforts to close the gap between what each family is able to pay, what the student earns through CWSP, and the total cost to educate. This year that effort sits close to $5M. In addition, she currently oversees fundraising for the school's Lead the Way: Imagining More for Arrupe Jesuit Capital Campaign, which has raised over $35M since its public launch in March 2023. Cole attributes this success to the collaborative efforts of an effective and caring team. Their work utilizing unique and diverse fundraising strategies highlights the committed and powerful community that surrounds the school.

Reflecting on her "why," Cole emphasizes her belief in the transformative power of education and her desire to challenge the status quo. She envisions a future where every student, regardless of their background, has equal access to quality education and opportunities for success. Her passion centers on fostering stronger partnerships between nonprofits and corporate entities, promoting transparency and long-term impact.

At Arrupe Jesuit, Liz Cole embodies the school's core values by actively engaging with students, faculty, and staff in initiatives that uplift individuals and the world around them. As she continues her journey, Liz remains guided by the invaluable advice of one of her mentors: "Work hard, dream big, and use your voice fearlessly."


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