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Shea Homes: Donor Spotlight

In our latest Donor Spotlight, we are thrilled to highlight Shea Homes, a longtime supporter of Arrupe Jesuit High School and a key contributor to our Lead the Way Campaign with their recent $5 million donation. Their commitment to the Arrupe Jesuit community will continue to play a pivotal role in the success of our students. In a recent interview with Tim Roberts and Chetter Latcham from Shea Homes, we delve into the deep connection between our organizations, exploring the roots of this enduring partnership. Learn more about the inspiring story behind Shea Homes' dedication to the next stage of growth for Arrupe Jesuit, as we express our gratitude for their generous contributions that continue to shape the future of education and opportunity for Arrupe Jesuit students and their families.

Vice President of Shea Homes Colorado, Tim Roberts (left), President of Arrupe Jesuit High School, Michael O'Hagan (center), President of Shea Homes Colorado Chetter Latcham (right)

How has your involvement with the Lead the Way Campaign played a role in the identity and culture of Shea Homes?

"Our involvement with this project is vital to the identity and the culture of our organization.  We live the difference, which is our motto. We do that by participating, by interacting and having boots on the ground. It is fundamental to who we are." Tim Roberts, Shea Homes

What significance does the connection between Arrupe Jesuit and Shea Homes hold in fostering the growth of Arrupe students?

"It was always very clear there was a personal connection to the work, and that the investment was really an investment in the Arrupe Jesuit students and in their futures. That makes all the difference in the world." Michael O'Hagan, Arrupe Jesuit High School

Why should others say "YES" to investing in this campaign?

"When there is a history of leadership and the students are having success year after year, it's easy to say yes. You know that the money will be spent wisely and you know the returns in regards to human engagement, success and next generation thinking will be honored. " Chetter Latcham, Shea Homes

A message of gratitude from Arrupe Jesuit President, Michael O'Hagan.

"My great gratitude for Shea Homes and the Shea family and the businesses of Shea, is that they choose to be part of the Arrupe community. That involvement is truly a measure of accompaniment of our kids, and if we can continue to do that, then what a continued blessing for our school. " Michael O'Hagan, Arrupe Jesuit High School

"Tim and I would also echo that. We just love that the family continues to do this, as it has been a blessing for us as well. It's been a wonderful partnership and we want this to continue for a long time." Chetter Latcham, Shea Homes

To learn more about how you can support the Lead the Way Campaign : Imagining More for Arrupe Jesuit, please contact or visit :

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